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ROOTS Voices Project

ROOTS Voices is an audio/visual project that records the stories and history of African Americans who are lifelong residents or relocated individuals driven by pushes and pulls of the Great Migration to the Northwest. The project was developed in 2013 as a collaboration between the Black Heritage Society and the NW ROOTS Committee.

The inspiration for ROOTS Voices is the annual gathering for Relatives Of Old-Timers (ROOTS) Family Picnic in Seattle, WA.  African American families with strong Northwest ties come together to celebrate friendships, honor the past, and to acknowledge and award achievements.  The event is held annually on the first Sunday in September.  Location and details are shared widely three months prior.

The Honorable Mayor Murray, proclaimed Sunday, September 6, 2015 to be Relatives of Old-Timers Day in the City of Seattle.

The Black Heritage Society is the recipient of the digital stories that are archived for public access as a resource linked to their collection

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ROOTS Organizing Committee



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